Hubungan E Servqual Pada E Satisfaction: Dengan E Trust Sebagai Variabel Mediasi

Eka Sudarusman, Anna Partina


This study examines the relationship between the variables of e-service quality, e-satisfaction and e-trust. Testing with smart PLS, is used to test validity, reliability, hypothesis testing and path analysis. The test results show that all hypotheses (H1, H2, and H3) have a P value smaller than 0.05, which means that all hypotheses are influential and significant. Meanwhile, hypothesis 4 (H4) has a P value smaller than 0.05, which means that the hypothesis is significant and mediating. The direct effect (Direct Effect Coef.) of e-service quality on satisfaction is 0.255. while the indirect effect (Indirect Effect Coef.) of e-service quality on e-satisfaction mediated by trust (e-trust) is 0.527 (0.891X0.592). From these results it can be concluded that either directly or indirectly e-service quality and trust (e-trust) have a positive effect.


e-satisfaction; e-service quality; e-trust

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